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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 16, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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ingenuity comes in different packages. that is it for the "willis report." do not forget you tv are the show. lou: they give for being with us obamacare hit taxpayers with another broken promise today as it is revealed the obamacare administration has quietly delayed another major provision of the federal health care overhaul so quietly one may think the administration is hiding the delay from the media and the american people. they decided in february to forgo temporarily a mandatory cap on insurance company deductibles as a result they will not put a limit on the out of pocket
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cost for individuals until 2015. health and human services have given insurance providers the go-ahead to charge whatever they want until then in this blockbuster development was in the february department of labor regulatory report without comment from the white house the required investigative reporting by the new york times to reveal the delay. amacare passed into law with $6,300 cap on individual deductibles and copays which was supposed to go into effect next year but like much of the signature health care law it has been delayed by th president. listening to health and human services secretary sebelius earlier today, you would have thought the rollout would haveought
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the department was flawless in its execution. >> we're implementing the law it is not a political discussion it is the law of the land a and i think it is our job to make sure people are aware of what is coming of the benefit. lou: what is so simply altered by a sweep of the executive hand? the full law was to we implemented by next year. but still we have seen a number of delays and waivers in doubt right broken and promises. but then the promise if you like your insurance you can keep it. that is true of us here company drops it or cuts hours back to part-time the cbo estimates 6 million employers will do exactly that and drop coverage by 2019 and the delay piles up
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the obama and administration seems to push back any part of the law that it does not like that to penalize the businesses that do not provide coverage to the midterm elections how timely but the individual mandate penalizes those without insurance remains in effect. , but if you are a staff member or a member of the union you may be okay. in just before the summer recess through subsidies. and documentation from the department of hhs shows the 1200 waivers granted today to have gone to organized labor. and part of obamacare as a never-ending pattern follows attorney general eric
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holder's new plan to ignore the legislative process concerning mandatory sentencing for drug crimes. my first guest says the attorney general was to be legislator, a judge a and warda and. joining us now member of the judiciary committee and a member of the house oversight committee also a federal prosecutor for six years. great to have you with us. let's begin with the latest delay of obamacare rollout to the benefit of the insurance companies to the detriment to create another burden for the individual. >> i find it fascinating republicans are criticized because they want to slow down obamacare but it is okay if the president wants to not enforced the law. we are repeatedly told, in fact, i read over the weekend this is the law a
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conservative supreme court invalidated it. get used to it so apparently when we are the president decides he will not implement. i see we will have a robust debate this fall if it is not good enough prime time and clearly it is not been then we need to start over. it passed without a single solitary republican vote. let's see if you can find it without a single solitary rerepublican vote. lou: will it be funded? and after 40 votes that the republican party has expressed itself, on repealing obamacare, knu significantly alter the law or can you repeal it in reality? >> we will need the senate to repeal its but in another
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segment we may discuss the attorney general does not like the loss so he will not enforce it. fit is good enough with the recess apartments -- appointments or ignoring the law when they don't like it then when you have something as wildly as unpopular as the affordable care act which has been a train wreck the as those described by those who voted for it passed without a single republican vote. we are expected to fund it just because it passed before we got to congress? my suspicion is the will of the robust debate just how unpopular it is. lou: you mentioned a new initiative smart on crime describing the leniency he was to bring to drug offenses and offenders with
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humanitarian releases with those incarcerated for a considerable time and very good prison citizens. your reaction? >> he has the greatest job in the world. i rather be the attorney general than anything else including quarterbk for the dallas cowboys. it is a shame he does not enjoy his job more to be a criminologist, a philosopher , sociologists we have had mandatory minimums for a quarter of a century. the he waits five years into his tenure to decide he does not like them any more? most people are serving state court he has nothing to do with that. he has three options he can advocate for it the mandatory minimum the year is a novel idea if you don't think low level drug dealers
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should go to prison then quit prosecuting them because you double jurisdiction. let the state court handles the low level but what he has chosen is the least desirable of all three he will continue to prosecute but ignore the fact that congress decided there should be mandatory minimums at the offense levels. i happen to think they are not a good idea in drug cases but the way to change that is to change the law not go to a conference in san francisco to play the part of a criminologist and prison warden. lou: many of the parts he does play does not include law-enforcement itself it is indisputable that drug crime and drug offenses in this country have risen dramatically over the course of over three decades but the reality is also real
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losing the war on drugs by any metric we are losing literally millions of young americans primarily minority, majority all walks of life affected by drugs and addiction and we have an attorney general talking about a foot you point out is not even in his purview frankly already honored by most state procutors they do not take up minor offenses. one wonders what is the attorney general thinking? >> five dash inky tries to pay back political that i know he did not do this before the election but waited conveniently until after words we have had mandatory minimums for a quarter of a century ago where he has been i have yet
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to hear him comment on than drug culture how hollywood horror certain genres of music portray the drug culture he jt wants to pick a prosecutor's we have a great u.s. attorney obama appointee he decided these resources are better spent on mortgage fraud, a health care fraud don't prosecute low level drug dealers let the states do if it is an easy fix but he wants to make headlines. lou: an unfortunate coincidence that a former border control agent two weeks ago said point blank he believes a number of politicians he did not designate state local or federal doing the bidding of the drug cartel this frankly , is that the inopportune moment and
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questionable timing when you look at that kind of statements coming from sources in apparently fairly reliable sources that this attorney general would make that kind of comment to take this turn at a time when it is clear the borders are not secured against illegal immigration being kept out of it we still see the street val of drugs remain exactl where they have been there not declining that means they're not interdicted or reduced why isn't there a discussion on this administration about winning the war on drugs? >> it has to include border security. you're exactly right eye was the federal drug prosecutor 1984 through 2000 drug czar just as prevalent and probably cheaper than when i was putting people in jail
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for life. so the war on drugs has not been successful but what is the alternative strategy? s he seen a child born to methamphetamines? look at crime scene photos of what people on drugs do to innocent human beings what is the alternative strategy? little thing midnight basketball will fix the culture of of the more money for schools or other progressive agenda what is the alternative strategy if he thinks there are too many people into many prisons for too long what other strategy does he have? -ave been a prosecutor for 20 years in the attorney-general for five. other than letting them out early what is the strategy? lou: that is a strategy of the mexican government releasing the mexican drug lord have written a letter to the attney general after he served 20
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years in prison and suddenly the federal court the high court of mexico determined there was a technical basis to release him? what is going on and why is this administration permiting guess? >> i did write the attorney general in 1980. my wife and i sat down to watch a miniseries on the story and the life of a dea agent tortured and killed by mexican drug cartels. this particular defendant should have faced a firing squad in should have been hung in the fact he will be let out of jail after 20 years of a 40 year sentence on a technicality? he needs to be extradited killing a law enforcement officer to respect the rule of law the you could have an end to torture him before he killed him? i am sure the attorney
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general is just as outraged as i am and i am sure the state department mexico understands our relationship how they handle this case. lou: we thank you for being with us. it is good t hear your thoughts. when i think about our relationship with mexico, we witnessed as many people killed and vanished since 2006 that have died in the war in syria and afghanistan that has had no influence on u.s. policy toward mexico or the two governments. perhaps this will be different. congressman goudy. thank you. the justice department filed a suit to block the merger between american airlines and usair ways. the department of justice along with state
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attorney-general screening it would hurt competition to drive up prices and certainly not a free market the four major carriers already accounting for 80 percent of the entire market the agency has not intervened in a major airline merger including delta, northwest, united, co ntinental but the justice department did block anheuser-busch acquisition that was completed in june after major concessions. perhaps there is a change in the air. deadly violence in egypt and a failed state nearing reality. former u.s. attorney and author of the grant g hyde hyde, an
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lou: joining me now former federal prosecutor, andrew mccarthy led the successful terrorism prosecution of the 1993 world trade center bombers also author of "the grand jihad." great to have you here. this is clear successfor the secular military of the rulers of egypt and the egyptian military it seems that should be celebrated by the administration but they seem a bit of rather is remorse in their tone they seem dour about it all. >> have been the biggest backers of the muslim brotherhood from the beginning of the administration may be the first phase or the first hours.
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the muslim brotherhood by the way taking egypt into flames with it is not something that does credit to the obama administration and they have this fantasy we will bring the muslim brotherhood in have a reconciliation government with a couple of portfolios and that will satisfy them. have they been watching the last 18 months? all these guys ever wanted was to turn this place into asia real estate and no reason to think there we do anything differently. lou: a disaster for this administration. secretary of state carry trying to put a good face on it. but absolutely clearly stated morsi in the muslim
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brotherhood. as horrible judgment as that has been with policy will look to the other side here is secretary of state john kerry doing something hillary clton could not do throw her tenure to have palestinians and israelis into negotiations. your thoughts? >> to get to the negotiation of the peace process they put pressure on the israelis to release terrorist that many of them are homicidal maniacs responsible for the murders. lou: a judgment by a netanyahu and his government made the decision under pressure or other rise but to get to that point? >> i don't think any process that calls it a peace process that begins by leasing terrorist is authentic. to me it is the same tune we have heard over 20 years.
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lou: now this administration the man who brought osama bin nodded in the fir instance what influence will the administration have with that possibility will it ultimately embrace? >> karzai also suggested maybe the mullah could come back to run. i think if you indulge the fantasy popular elections can be called democracy and we will run with that i think we will find is islamic supremacist will rule islamic countries if we want to enable that it will be the loss of drone influence he will see that couny after country. >> and the definition if it
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is even appropriate such a policy should have a role in the middle east. >> if you empower your own enemies it is your own and doing. >> we appreciate as always whether they realize it or not the media has declared not the media has declared obama to be any new status this man is about to be the millionth customer. not the media has declared obama to be any new status would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and win fiy thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same. whether you're the first or the millionth. if your bank doesn't think you're special anymore, you need an ly. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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lou: is in the fourth this day passing on the mayoral candidate anthony wiener let it slip former secretary of state clinton plans to run for president in 2016 here is what he told a busby reporter when asked about his wife. >> do know the role of hillary 2016 campaign will be? >> i dos but i will not tell you. [laughter] lou: why would you take his
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word on anything? this is not a man who has just one but two texting scandals we do not even know if it ended and he is apologizing for calling his opponent grant paul. i was pulling for the other fellow but he has a record 80% unfavorable but a nasty fellow like this has the approval rating of 80% so who are the 20 percent that approve of him? while we talk about inflated democratic evoke -- egos' comedy central destroyed chris matthews over h claims that senator rand paul will run and win the republican nomination in 2016. >> this making predictions of what chris matthews does
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for a living he may have a problem because finding sound bites the people saying things that directly contradicted claims he has just made is what we do for a living. [laughter] who does chris matthews seagoing all the way to the white house in 2008? >> i believe ready guiliani will win the whole thing. >> that's right. [laughter] netanyahu also predicted congressman michelle bachman would be to meet -- romney we are more than thrhree years away from the election 1,182 days sandy want to know how dumb it is to speculate who will do what in 2016? let's go back to august of 2005 the front runners of one gallup poll for hillary clinton had 40 percent support followed by john
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kerry john edwards had mastered 16% they had eight democrats of the list but not one was named barack obama. the front runner from the republican race, rudy guiliani was doing well with 27 percent followed by john mccain that had 24 percent and condoleezza rice, rice, 19 percent so what does that 2016 talk mean right now? it does not mean much in is not that significant but at&t because when a preacher talking begins usually signifies the onset of the lame-duck status. the good news is, mr. president leaves even more time for golf.
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lou: new revelations today of where the president was in what he was doing during the raid on which osama the bottom -- osama bin laude was killed by a of it -- navy seals his personal assistant regarding the shocking detachment that day. regarding -- recounting a day filled with card games. >> in the dining room those people were down in the situation room and he said i will not be there i cannot
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watch this entire thing so he come of myself, the white house photographer we must have played 15 seasons or 15 games of spades. lou: 15 games of spades to woody is now congressman it alan west of florida. good to see you. what is your reaction when you hear the former body man to say our troops risking their lives to carry on a military objective that the president was playing a child's game? fifteen games of spades? >> based upon my 22 years of military experience, when i was a commander in i rectify sent out a night patrol that camen contact i was right there in the command and control center to make sure
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i monitor the situation and to allocate additional resources. if we had more than one-third of the unit involved in an operation i went out with them to be a part of the mission because i felt that is where i needed to be. it is hard to understand by the commander in chief during one of the most important raids across the border, zero elimination going out to the number one islamic terrorist in the world if according to this is correct, playing cards not they're ready to make a decision ned any point during that operation. lou: are you surprised? >> i am not really surprised. lou: is there any emotional component? a president playing spades? at least playing bridge i expect a little bit more of
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a commander in chief. >> but me very honest the bar has been no word for president obama he can do whatever he pleases and you see that. if you understand the president said we would give it away look at what is going on in syria, al qaeda is on the rise between the islami state of the iraq also was what is happening in egypt. i would not be comfortable myself to play golf or be on vacation you need to be here ready to make decisions. some people say wherever he is he can make that decision by the optics are bad and it's this story is true then especially those that have loved ones over in the combat zones have been incensed. lou: the story now reported that we have taken up as well, one of the
10:37 pm
whistle-blowers saying there were 400 surface to air missiles gone missing in and r intelligence agency's covert operators do not know where they are. how much credence do you give to the statements by the whistle-blower in the you think that is part of the reason this administration has been stonewalling 11 months on benghazi? >> looking at the indicators there is no doubt there is a cover-up -- cover-up. why was ambassador christi -- ambassador christie in the heart of islamic territory on the 11th anniversary of september 11th without a security he was being regarded to be allowed to we attacked. i am concerned if this was part of khadafy's stockpile of weapons that we had
10:38 pm
collected or weapons that somehow we were funneling into the rebel forces of libya. if you recall senator rand paul did ask the secretary of state hillary clinton a link between the arms ryan from libya through turkey into serious so there are a lot of unanswered questions that is why i think we need to have that select committee we're not getting to the bottom wendies investigation is spread across five committees. lou: will lease the comprehensive iigration reform as an addition to by the senate and the gang of a bill pronounced dead in the house to emerge after the incremental approach taken by the republicans will recede the amnesty result?
10:39 pm
will they be game to once again? >> i think if it does go into a conference you will see the heavy hand of the senate pushing for that comprehensive reform but learning the lessons of 86 to show the american people we are serious about a force and was and securing the of border and you are an economic expert you know this economy is artificial and you cannot be out of th recovery in the unemployment sittion is important. we cannot buthe more it -- american worker second or third in line while the grant the path to citizehip or to people who have disrespect of our laws. lou: good to talk with you. >> president obama likes to call benghazi a phonyor t scandal but 11 months later
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lou: while president obama refers to ben gauzy a a phony scanl family members of the four americans killeds last september 11th on the terrorist attack continue to agonize over their losses still waiting for answers from this administration like the rest of us. my next guest is one of those family members joining us tonight is the mother of state department of information officer john smith. he was 34 when he lost his life last year on september 11th pat, good a view to be here. if we may ask him again of the held the state department, the latest part
10:44 pm
bond dash development are they helping you or embracing you or her family members of those americans and killed laster september 11th? >> i don't know about any of the others. i have not been in touch with them them but the state department has the gall andt in touch with me at all even though they promised they g don't care about me. they just do not care about me at all and they make sure that i know best. lou: how do they make sure?ak >> whenever i questioned anything i say i want to h find out more.on i would like to have information on how my son died, why wasn't this stuff done? they have not gotten back to
10:45 pm
me yet. not oncelo. lou: as you watch almost 11 months pass on that terriblehis day it is not simply you but a nation stonewalled by this administration and state department, we know what happened that night to your son and the three other americans and the we know nothing about what they we're doing or what thejust administration is doing to bring justice for each one of those men killed that night or to bring justice for the purpose of simply doing the right thing against these terrorist. what are your thoughts? >> what part of they don't care do not understand? i think it is that simple.t
10:46 pm
they are just concernedle about themselves with their own political ambitions have the directions they are going. they don't care about anybody else and people are just getting in the i hope to get in the way a lot if i can. lou: getting in the way is one thing in your also working to make certain this does not happen to other americans serving in this>> country y overseas. >> absolutely. lou: what your thoughts? twenty you hear from folks that are serving our government to overseas? what is the response? >> i have heard nothing. i have no contact with anybody overseas or with anybody other than an coming here is a good one, one of the terrorist even got in touch with me. i am being e-mail by a terrorist and i don't know how to react to that i wish i had someone to talk to
10:47 pm
that could explain this tong be but the only thing i hear from the media, a terrorist in one instance even though he says he is not any more by reformed, i'd understando o and nobody has explaed anything to me my son is dead. i keep asking the keep promising and i get nothing.u: w lou: we will follow-up with you off the air and we will stay in touch with you.t, >> i hope so.e a i want to find out. lou: we all do and we wante to say thank you for your time here with us tonight and for youth the service of yo son and our deepest sympathies for your loss. w >> thank you. lou: we will continue to assist you in any way that we can.
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lou: now we have the "a team" michael goodwin, monica crowley, a when for the secular military in egypt and the administration does not appear happy. >> the secretary of state can now with a strong statement of condemnation five that they are really shaking in their boots of the wrong side of history once again the military is doing the right thing. lou: with threats of
10:52 pm
withdrawing a it seems there is the appearance of the good guys but with passivity , . >> right or wrong. [laughter] the whole time the encampments, since the coup that we dare not call it that they did not try to broker a thing we see the same thing in syria but i agree your point also i would rather have passivity from this the administration rather than an ignorance so i will go with passivity. [laughter] >> that is not what i was thinking of but i see your point. >> president obama former
10:53 pm
body meehan said playing 15 games of spades or heartsore whatever it might be while our military was risking their life to killed osama bin live in what is your view? >> another disturbing pattern by the commander in chief. the navy seals were in harm's way the old committee of all missions and the president goes to play 15 games of spades? you can say he was stressed out and did not want to watch a realtime this is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces also calling into question what he was doing on the night of september 11th last year when americans were also in harm's way we still have no reports what he was doing.
10:54 pm
>> you can put your money on either one. we have no ideas. >> i believe he went to sleep during the benghazi raid that is the testimony from leon panetta before the senate wn asked by lindsey graham did you go to bet? no. did dempsey go to bet? no. did the president go to sleep? i don't know. the president did not talk to anybody i'd think he went to sleep i wish she would have been playing spades as gimmicky added 10 minutes phone call with hillary clinton after that radio silence from all of them. lou: turning to the story in san diego it is absurd. san diego hooters being there mayor, i dunno when it becomes the arbiter of
10:55 pm
standards, it is peculiar. this establishment recognizes we have political differences that the mayor will the be served in this establishment we believe women should be treated with respect. monica. [laughter] i find that hilarious. >> he is a complete pig and went to sexual rehab laughter lead house -- no glaves yes somehow cured. >> we can do whatever they want but voters says they demand respect for women but yet they have scantily clad female waitresses. lou: respectfully clad? >> you could go down that road. >> the cheapest in smartest advertising campaign in the history.
10:56 pm
[laughte lou: i was way too elevated to take note. ted cruz pursing controversy boarding canada to an american citizen mother, a cuban father now those include being ann coulter saying that it raises questions. what do you think? been a natural born citizen and what that means also the same with barack obama he is completely legitimate as a candidate and is in the clear to run for president of the united states. >> he may be in the clear vital think he will be president. >> i like him. >> i don't think he will be president. lou: who will be? >> not ted cruz. lou: that is such a negative campaign. >> chris chris c. against hillary clinton. lou: do you really? >> that is a showstopper how does he make it through the
10:57 pm
republican primary process? >> he is pro-life and does not have a problem with that not have a problem with that >> he has no problem join us at it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side.
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neil: now we can safely say the nsa more than just kind of broke the law. try thousands of times. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. not just fine. don't take it for me. take it from despise himself. an internal audit out of no less than the national curity agency it's often define 200776 violations of established court orders regarding surveillance on americans, are targets in this country. with the nsa demands in a speech read what anyone else would call ridiculous. hundreds of cases of supposedly unintended interception of u.s. e-mail


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